It's hard to believe that another March is upon us.  For many, this marks a full year without visiting friends and family and--let's be honest--it's been pretty darn tough.  While we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we thought maybe a little box of cookies shipped to your loved ones might just make this final stretch a bit easier.  Plus, do we really need an excuse to ship cookies to the ones we love?


So, what's a cookie gram, you ask?  It's a little box of homemade cookies with a personalized note handwritten by our team.  You can customize the wording, or we can help you with the sentiment, whichever you'd prefer.  The postcard features this cute little rainbow on the front and the words "Miss you" on the back.  We're happy to add whatever additional verbage you'd like!   


All local cookie grams will be available for pick-up from Sugar & Twine on Thursday, March 18th from 7 am-2 pm.   Please note, we will not be doing local deliveries--if you would like your cookies shipped, please order a Cookie Gram - USPS Delivery instead of this item.  

Cookie Gram - LOCAL PICKUP (3/18)